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  1.Aardvaarks are always first

  2.Some things are better left unsaid

Please be advised that the above items were included on a whim of the management and in no way reflect the true spirit of the rest of our organization.....

 .................and now for something completely different........

A Zoo is a place to visit the creatures and environments we don't normally encounter or take the time to enjoy in our RUSH-RUSH world. Too often we stride briskly forward, (with purpose of course!), and miss the hidden worlds around us. The LynesZoo offers you this small segment of our world to enjoy, so stick around.....

Interesting things to do & see

  Earthstation 1  EarthStation 1
  Beamin' The Sights & Sounds of the Known & Unknown Universe.™

Visit the NASA Space Station

   Hubble Heritage Project  Portraits of Astronomical Objects
  by the Hubble Space Telescope

One of our favorites is....

     The Arrowhead Library System
....The Arrowhead Library System
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Our Association of Choice ...Our Association of Choice

P 51  LynesZoo MS Flight Simulator World

Trinity Episcopal Church  Trinity Episcopal Church, our Spiritual Home

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