What is MP3 ???

Quite simply the most dynamic audio compression system available on the net today. It allows for superior audio quality (comparable to a CD) at greatly reduced download times with no loss in quality or fidelity. More...

To listen, you need a GREAT player like WINAMP ( a freebie for Win95/NT..)

To make your own, you need a good MP3 Layer Encoder available at http://www.iis.fhg.de/amm/techinf/layer3/index.html

Do you want to try out your new technology ??? Try these links out for yourself

Looking for something in particular ???

WARNING! The material used in any MP3 sound files available on the internet is intended for personal use and reference only! All rights reserved by their owners. If you like any of the songs then go out and buy the CD, tape or whatever. This material is only meant as a preview for the songs or performance, and to get you interested in the same. So if you enjoy this media, you must delete the files within twenty four (24) hours, then go out and purchase the audio CDs and make your own MP3 to distribute to other people, promoting the format.